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Monthly Income Scheme


True to its name, the scheme features interest payable at the contracted rate every month,MIS deposit is accepted for any period from one year to five years.

  • * Earn up to 10% p.a. from Monthly Income Scheme with VISION NIDHI LIMITED.
  • * Interest is paid/credited to the Savings account of the member during the last week of every month.
  • * Nomination Facility is available for this scheme.
  • * Maturity Amount will be given to members after minimum term 1 year & maximum term 5 years.

Common Notes for Fixed Deposit Scheme & Monthly Income Scheme:

  • * It is mandatory to become a member in VISION NIDHI LIMITED to open F.D. & M.I.S. Account.
  • * VISION NIDHI LIMITED will issue Ten share having Nominal value of Rs. 10/- for F. D. & M.I.S. Account.
  • * Rate of Interest for Senior Citizen shall be 0.50 % higher than normal prevailing interest rate on F. D. & M.I.S. Account.
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