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Gold Loan

Bring Gold, Buy Money

With attractive schemes, easy repayment options, and the lowest interest rates, VISION NIDHI LIMITED, one of the leading Nidhi Companies in Tamil Nadu offers a hassle-free experience to avail gold loan. Anyone who is a member OF VISION NIDHI LIMITED and owns gold ornaments can apply for the Gold loan.

NIDHI LIMITED Offering Gold Loan to its members with the following attractive features:

  • Avail Gold loan up to 100% on Gold value
  • Avail Gold Loan for any amount between Rs. 1,000 to a maximum of Rs. 7.5 Lakhs.
  • Loans are available for periods ranging from one month to one year.
  • To obtain the loan, you need to submit your gold jewelry (within the Karat range of 18k to 24k) at your nearest VISION NIDHI LIMITED. branch.


  • * Our base rate of interest is 12 percent. However, depending upon how high the loan to value (LTV) is, additional interest (amounting to risk premium) ranging from 4-8 percent is charged over and above the base rate.
  • * The interest rate is fixed and calculated on a reducing balance basis.


  • * High loan to value: These schemes offer the maximum amount of loan per Gram. At the same time in keeping with the extra risk, the interest cost to the borrower is higher.
  • * Low-interest rate: In this category, the interest rates are lower but the Loan to Value (LTV) is also comparatively less.


Our products are well tailored not only to the income group of the member, but to relevant considerations like how much loan members would like to avail against jewelry, and their comfort levels with respect to the interest rate and periodicity of repayment of interest and principal.

Guaranty and Security

  • * We guarantee you that it will be in our safe hands in strong cash safes inside a strong room built as per the standards and specifications applicable to commercial banks.
  • * The pledged gold ornaments are also insured for full value.
  • * Moreover, security personnel and modern electronic surveillance technology are deployed to protect your beloved gold ornaments.


  • * Both Principal and Interest amounts must be paid every month in Easy Monthly Instalments.
  • * The loan amount will be sanctioned on the basis of gold valuation which involves verification of its purity.
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